Shoreline Holdings CA, LlC ...

We are a private investment firm focused on buying mainly asset class B & C properties, with the end goal of either long term buy & hold or flip to secondary renovation market for resale. Basically, to "flip" investors.  

Our team is comprised of acquisition managers and investors that are well trained in identifying and contracting properties that are at least a minimum of 10% to in most cases up to 30% below current market value. 

This allows us to then sell the subject property to the secondary "flip" market, with still much gains to be realized, in most cases via simple cosmetic upgrades and minimal work.

Our investors typically realize an average gain of $50,000 per property.

Be sure to sign-up via link below to be included in our weekly property offerings. Each subject property only stays in our portfolio an average of 3 to 10 days. So, be sure to contact us quickly if a property meets your investment criteria.